Project Management


To achieve excellence in project management through the implementation of the strategic plan for e-transactions at King Khalid University, in addition to promoting methodologies and standards of global best practices in the field of project management.


In the Office of Project Management, we strive to implement the strategic plan for e-transactions at King Khalid University by providing a transparent approach in the university at the highest level to identify and prioritize the implementation of IT initiatives and projects with the best possible quality. At the same time, we look forward to maximizing client satisfaction, providing ongoing communication, and unifying operations. We, without fail, will give complete support for projects in a way that reflects the overarching interests and needs of the university.


  • Successfully implement, manage and deliver IT projects within the framework of the three determinants of any project- scope, time and budget.
  • Building experience and a clear understanding of project management at all organizational levels of the university.
  • Keeping senior management and the internal project management community informed of our progress.
  • Maintaining and expanding the technical requirements of the university through the effective governance of IT management work tasks in an integrated and comprehensive manner.
  • Facilitating the issuance of executive resolutions in projects that is commensurate with the strategic plan for e-transactions.
  • Using PMI methodologies and best practices in the implementation of all projects.


  • Lead and manage the IT project team aligned with project objectives.
  • Cooperate with the departments and different entities of the university to help ensure the achievement of the objectives and initiatives of their projects.
  • Follow up, review, and monitor projects on behalf of the sponsors.
  • Encourage commitment to the operations of project management with established standards and key performance indicators.
  • Provide sustainable project management methodologies and best practice tools.
  • Participate actively in project governance.
  • Provide leadership, skill, experience, and project management training for all phases of any relevant project.
  • Manage and monitor the three determinants of any project to ensure that the project plans are implemented on time, within the constraints of budget and scope.
  • Improving the investment of resources for projects to ensure that they are consistent with the strategic objectives of King Khalid University.
  • Working in partnership with the administrative, technical, and training departments to form cohesive teams while ingraining project management concepts among project sponsors.
  • To help in achieving King Khalid University’s vision and mission, which are essential for the strategic plan by focusing on developing a comprehensive plan including education, training and a set of clear guidelines.

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