Network Management

About Us

The Network Management Department works on designing and managing the central and internal computer networks of the university, in addition to providing network infrastructure in all branches of the university.


To continue to innovate and initiate networking and communication services to meet the needs of students, faculty members, and staff.


To harness all energies and abilities to exceed the expectations of university employees.


  • Maintain a well-run technological infrastructure.
  • Ensure easy and fast access to any application in the university.
  • Provide technical support and assistance to users.
  • Provide a secure environment that complies with the highest international standards for software/hardware hosting.
  • Deliver 24/7 network and hardware availability.


Setting Standards and Specifications

The Networking Management Department is responsible for setting the specifications of the network and communication devices. All requirements are to be aligned with international standards provided that these specs are available. Furthermore, we aim to create an environment where competitors outbid each other thereby giving cost-effective services and products to the university.

Reviewing Bids for Hardware and Software

Meticulously scrutinizing bids for servers, software, and operating systems that are compatible with our requirements.

Internet Services

To provide Internet services to university employees, in addition to solving problems and providing the best assistance and solutions 24/7.

Wired and Wireless Network Services

Our network engineers maintain and extend the local network and ensure access to all points of the wired and wireless network in all areas and facilities of the university. They also provide first-class VPN capabilities of the university network to external domains.

Communications: IP Phone Service

Using voice-over IP technology that allows phone calls over the network rather than the traditional phone system. Our IP Phones provide voice/video calling, call forwarding, and teleconferencing capabilities.

Partnership with the Private Sector to Provide the Best Services in Communications

The Networking Management Department builds partnerships with the private sector in the telecommunications sector. We are also keen on signing agreements for services that provide the best solutions.

Contact the Team

Phone: 017-241-7745