Information Security

About Us

King Khalid University is continually developing, maintaining, and improving its IT infrastructure and applications to support the creation, storage, modification and exchange of data. These IT systems are the principles of efficiency and pillars of effectiveness that mirror the university's operations. Therefore, we have a substantial responsibility to develop appropriate protection to maintain IT systems and secure information assets. Because adequately secured information is critical to the safety and privacy of University employees and organizational units, King Khalid University's Administration established a department for information security.


The Department of Information Security seeks to provide information security services to all stakeholders of King Khalid University including employees, faculty members or students. We strive to achieve confidentiality and integrity of information, in addition to the availability of services provided in accordance with the security policies of King Khalid University.


King Khalid University's Information Security Department works in collaboration with the General Directorate of Information Technology. Our mission is to develop and maintain information security, risk management, and program auditing through which we ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information to beneficiaries.


  • Maintaining all necessary security policies and procedures.
  • Identifying threats to security and information systems.
  • Identifying information security requirements and establishing the minimum and necessary information security levels based on recognized laws, regulations, and best security practices.
  • Ensuring that incident response plans are developed and implemented.
  • Raising awareness of information security among faculty members.
  • Protecting information assets from unauthorized access, tampering, disclosure, or destruction.

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