Help Desk Department

About Us

Due to the growth and development of information technology usage in different institutions, the need to find an efficient and carefully planned technique to provide technical services has exponentially increased.  As a result, our services should be aligned with international standards and best practices in the provision and management of our Information Technology Infrastructure (ITIL). Therefore, it was necessary to establish a Help Desk Department that could provide the required technical support services to our users in an efficient way that ensures speed and quality of access.


  • Provide remote support
  • Manage all hardware and software arrangements for university staff.
  • Install and update IT systems for all university employees.
  • Update users’ operating system and software periodically.
  • Be aware of the latest labor market updates in the field of information technology to meet and exceed the needs and requirements of the university in cooperation with the Department of Procurement with the latest specifications of modern computers and peripherals.
  • Communicate with suppliers of accredited companies regarding devices under warranty.
  • Visiting the external colleges of all campuses in order to provide equipment support.

Contact our Team

Phone: 017-241-8000