About Us

King Khalid University utilizes world-class technology in nearly all of its transactions and services. Technology has become the most important characteristic of distinguished educational institutions. More importantly, it has become a predominant measurable benchmark on which the degree of progress and development of nations are rated against. The starting point, for us, began in 1419 AH with an ambitious blueprint setting out long-term goals and expectations paving the journey on the road to technological innovation and success. It stemmed from a practical moment of genius, a profound reflection, on the process of sustainable growth vis-a-vis the development of first-class software applications. Therefore, it was necessary, at that stage, to appoint a specific entity that could undertake the task of building, managing, and developing an integrated information technology system that would provide the necessary support for policy-making and decision-making in pursuit of improving the level of efficiency and effectiveness in all operational areas. This entity was first called the Department of Computer and Information Systems. In 1429 AH, the Rector issued a decision to change the name of the Department to be the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT). The newly formed General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) managed, within a short period of time, to reduce reliance on traditional paper-based systems moving into the modern electronic hemisphere. At any rate, the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT), in all of its work processes, has managed to apply electronic transactions through the development of a set of agile e-systems that have contributed significantly to save the time and effort of the procedures required to initiate, plan, execute, and close any task.